Over the years, the beach communities in District 32 have become over-industrialized, harming our air and water—and the state of Texas has not done enough to combat the negative effects of pollution. But protecting our coastal communities is not just a moral imperative, it’s an economic necessity. Our elected officials have not made enough investments in the infrastructure of our beach communities, resulting in too many permanent business closures and displaced families after devastating hurricanes. And oftentimes for these families, getting reimbursement to cover the losses they’ve endured has proven nearly impossible due to the bureaucratic red tape and uncaring adjusters behind the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency (TWIA). In order to protect our environment and to keep our coastal communities safe, I promise to work towards:
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our coastal communities by investing more in the clean and renewable energy sector, including solar and wind.
  • Ensuring necessary funding for infrastructure projects here in the Coastal Bend by collaborating with the federal government.
  • Advocating for local residents by standing up to the TWIA and insurance lobby to ensure that hurricane survivors no longer need to fight for what they pay into and deserve.
The once prospering Texas economy is in peril due to COVID-19—unemployment is skyrocketing as businesses are shuttering their doors. We need to be creating more jobs, and we need to be utilizing our unique resources to do so. Our economy is currently heavily dependent on one industry: oil and gas. We need to diversify our economy by bringing in new industry sectors, like clean energy and solar, to create those much needed job—and we must invest in the infrastructure of District 32 to make this happen. In a turbulent economy, the last thing that homeowners in District 32 should be worrying about is additional tax burdens—but thanks to loopholes that major corporations and industries in Texas have used to avoid paying their fair share of taxes since the 1990s, homeowners bear a huge financial burden. And we need to do better to ensure that those who want to live in our communities are able to do so via affordable housing—after all, half of all homes in our district are occupied by renters. To stimulate our economy and make sure that those who want to stay and invest in our communities can do so, I will work towards:
  • Creating more jobs by leveraging our resources to diversify our economy beyond oil and gas.
  • Closing tax loopholes to ensure that owners of industrial and commercial properties can no longer cheat Texans on their tax bills.
  • Ensuring that recent investments in our public schools are sustained at the state level instead of turning to homeowners.
  • Making rent payments count toward building one’s credit in response to strict tenant laws in Texas—helping renters become homeowners more easily.
  • Passing stronger building codes and creating sustainable plans to protect homes in the wake of natural disasters.
Education is near and dear to my heart—my father is a public school teacher, and I even spent time as a substitute teacher to get hands-on experience in the classroom. Although the 86th legislature passed a major school funding bill last year to invest in our public schools and teachers, we cannot let this be a one-and-done bill.

Children in our communities need access to the best education possible in order to give them access to a brighter future, and with your vote, I will work towards:
  • Ensuring that our teachers get their hard earned raises.
  • Keeping our classroom sizes small.
  • Investing in personal development for our students, ranging from anti-bullying programs to quality after-school programs.
  • Emphasizing vocational training in manufacturing, engineering, technology, coding and more, so that students are prepared for the real world.
Healthcare is a RIGHT and NOT a privilege. It’s time to take the burden off of families that pay high-priced premiums and small business owners who can’t expand due to their mandates on employee coverage. With our district becoming a hotbed for COVID-19, and Texas having the highest maternal mortality rate in the country, we cannot continue to let families struggle to pay their own private insurance.

Furthermore, each of us should have the ability to make the best healthcare decisions for ourselves. Once a Texan has decided to have an abortion, we should ensure their health and well-being, not impose our own beliefs. Our laws should support and safeguard Texans’ health, not restrict our access to healthcare. Let’s stop radical ideology from restricting reproductive healthcare and abortion access.

A vote for me is a vote for the health of every member of our community. I promise to work towards:
  • Giving everyone access to affordable healthcare insurance by expanding Medicaid through the federal funds that have already been allocated to us by the Affordable Care Act.That’s right—the funds exist, but the current Texas Legislature is refusing to accept them. And that is unacceptable.
  • Advocating for expectant and new parents with low-cost/free access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare.
  • Expanding healthcare access in our smaller and rural communities.
I have always been an advocate for protecting under-served and marginalized communities. Whether you are LGBTQ+, a person of color, a woman, or a religious minority—to me, y’all means all. I will fight back against any attempts to step on vulnerable communities and work on legislation that adds protections for the oppressed. If you vote for me, I promise to work towards:
  • Decriminalizing minor possessions of marijuana—this non-violent crime has been locking up our minority population for decades.
  • Legalizing marijuana use. The tremendous tax revenue and reducing drug trafficking will make our communities safer.
  • Eliminating investment in private prisons—these institutions drain our taxpayers of much needed funding that could be used for education or infrastructure.
  • Fighting for equal pay—women make .79 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts, and the statistics are even worse for women of color. To close this gap, we must:
    • Strengthen current laws and eliminate "previous salary" questions from the hiring process.
    • Increase pay transparency.
  • Promoting programs to combat domestic violence and ensuring harsher punishment for perpetrators.
  • Working toward passing a GENDA law (Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act), making it illegal to discriminate against the LGBTQIA+ community when it comes to housing, jobs, credit/banking, public services, and more.
To me, “Thank you for your service” isn’t just a hollow statement—our veterans put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of the United States on a daily basis, and I cannot thank them enough. To ensure that our veterans can reacclimate to civilian life post-service, we need to provide them with the resources to do so successfully.

If you vote for me, I promise to:
  • Expand and aggressively promote current mental health and PTSD programs and services.
  • Help veterans get treatment for opioid addiction.
  • Connect our veterans with better jobs that fit the skill set they learned while serving our country by expanding on current programs.
  • Expand the number of government contracts given to veteran-owned businesses, so that they will have an opportunity to grow.
Regardless of political affiliations, 81% (CPPP) of Texans believe their local elected officials should maintain control over decisions made for their communities. However, Republican politicians consistently try to strip local control from our community and ensure that Texas State Legislators who are caught up in typical Capitol politics continue to decide what is best for us.   If you vote for me, I promise to work towards: Advocating for our local communities and the elected officials that they chose to represent them, to ensure that the Texas government is there for our counties and municipalities when they need our help, and out of the way when they need to run the show.

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