— COVID-19 —

District 32 is escalating the spread of COVID-19 in Texas

Elected officials and policymakers have an obligation to protect the health and economic well-being of their communities—but the state of Texas has ignored the experts for far too long. 

Texans have lost jobs, small businesses have shuttered, and life in general has been disrupted. Many of our friends and family members have fallen ill and lost their lives. And now, Corpus Christi is a hot spot for COVID, with cases skyrocketing  and record unemployment.

The pandemic has been heartbreaking for the entire country, and District 32 is not immune. I’ve developed a plan to wrangle this virus in our community. With your vote, we will work towards:

Mandatory paid sick leave so you can stay home when you’re sick instead of endangering yourself and others.

Expansion of unemployment insurance because no Texan should lose their income due to circumstances beyond their control.

Universal vote-by-mail and early voting because you shouldn’t have to choose between your health and your right to vote.

Making sure everyone can get and pay for treatment so no one is left behind or stuck with thousands of dollars of medical bills.

Following expert recommendations for community safety—COVID-19 is a global healthcare issue that requires medical expertise to quash, not a political play.

To learn more about how to keep yourself and your community safe, please visit https://gov.texas.gov/coronavirus.

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