I’m Eric Holguin, and I’m running for office to ensure that all constituents in District 32 have a voice. Growing up in South Texas, my working-class family instilled the value of public service within my heart—and I’ve carried this with me throughout my career. After graduating from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, I have spent years working in various federal and local levels of government, consistently fighting to level the playing field for those who are too often left behind.

Public Service

I have spent hundreds of hours with varying diverse communities, listening to the concerns of constituents—and taking action to support them. From working for a U.S. Congresswoman and the New York City Comptroller to more recently distributing of tens of thousands of face coverings to my South Texas district in the wake of COVID-19, I have championed issues dealing with healthcare, veterans, education, infrastructure, housing, senior citizens, small businesses, homelessness, LGBTQ rights and more.

Two achievements that I am most proud of include: working with Burn Pits 360 Veterans’ Organization (Nueces County) to advocate for veterans suffering from the toxic wounds of war at the federal and state level — including getting the Open Burn Pit Registry Act signed into Texas law in 2019; and supporting the transgender community by working to halt the Texas Legislature from passing the “transgender bathroom bill” (SB6) in 2017.

Growing Up

There is one cardinal priority in my family—and that is public service.

My father is a respected teacher and championship-winning football coach, and my mother is a deeply caring nurse. My two brothers are Texas State Troopers, and my grandfather was a Justice of the Peace for many years in Jim Hogg County.

Mi familia wasn’t wealthy, but they were determined to succeed. They’ve always taught me to work for what I want and never ask for freebies. To earn my college degree, I signed up for financial aid through Pell grants, federal student loans, parent-student loans, and worked various jobs. Completing those four years were pivotal to gaining the opportunity to succeed in this country. And in today’s economy, we have to work harder than ever to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance to have those same opportunities.


I am hoping to earn your vote so that all constituents in District 32 can make their voices heard.


Ready to fight for your community? Roll up your sleeves with me and volunteer!

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